The Leaves of Grass / Scientology Personality Test

Concept by Daniel, from a Markov chain program by Dave Smith.

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Do you often feel depressed? Are you logical and scientific in your actions 
considered unpredictable by other people? Are you suspicious of you and then 
discover it is a rival or opponent in some aspect of your judgment in an 
emotional situation in which you are trying to rest? Are you considered 
warm-hearted by your like or dislike of the apple and the greatness of Love 
and Democracy, and the soul, Dwell a while sufficed at what they may, I make 
the necessary actions to kill an animal in order to put it out of its roots, 
the present on the brown gray and green intertinged, The armfuls are pack'd 
to the officials? 

When voting, do you think has become of the distillation, it is so. Sure as 
the seasons, and effuse as much? We dwell a while and pass to fitting 
spheres, Carrying what has too long kept down those smouldering fires, I 
will make the poem of riches, To earn for the fun of it? 

Are you logical and scientific in your attitude toward life? Would a 
disagreement do you seek so pensive and silent? 

What do you at the same as any. 

I will make poems, songs, thoughts, with reference to a day, but with 
reference to a day, but with reference to the surface after so many uttering 
tongues, And I will make the poems of my folks or of the earth the germs of 
a greater religion, The following chants each for its own sake, I say no man 
has ever yet been heard upon earth. I will show what alone must finally 
compact these, I believe these are the children of the earth, (appearing at 
intervals,) How dear and dreadful they are provided for upon the earth, How 
they inure to themselves as much as the supple boughs wag, The delight alone 
or in the water there, yet stay stock still in your demands on your part 
rarely trouble you? 

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The exact data I used is: here and here.