The Leaves of Grass / Scientology Personality Test

Concept by Daniel, from a Markov chain program by Dave Smith.

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Do you often feel depressed? Are you logical and scientific in your actions 
considered unpredictable by other people? Are you prejudiced in favor of 
your relations with him? 

Do you openly and sincerely admire beauty in other people's desires? Are you 
ever get a 'dreamlike feeling toward life when it all seems unreal? 

Do you get occasional twitches of your pencil? Do you frequently dwell on 
your past failures still worry you? 

Do you prefer to ride rather than walk? Do you consider the good of all 
concerned rather than a man's substance and increase, always sex, Always a 
knit of identity, always distinction, always a breed of life. To elaborate 
is no one nor any particle of one but has reference to parts, But I will 
make the poems of my own, And that all the stars in the midst of irrational 
things, Imbued as they, Finding my occupation, poverty, notoriety, foibles, 
crimes, less important than I thought, Me toward the female of the shod 
horses on the subject of suicide? Would you assist a fellow traveler rather 
than leaving them to work it out? Do you speak slowly? 

Are you less talkative than your own choice? Do you make thoughtless remarks 
or accusations which later you regret? 

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The exact data I used is: here and here.