The Leaves of Grass / Scientology Personality Test

Concept by Daniel, from a Markov chain program by Dave Smith.

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Do you throw things away only to close friends if at all? Are your actions 
considered unpredictable by other people? 

Do you tend to hide your feelings? Do you spend much time on needless 
worries? In a disagreement do you vote the same party ticket straight rather 
than studying the candidates and issues? Do you turn down responsibility 
because you doubt your fitness to cope? Do you usually need to protect your 

Does an unexpected action cause your muscles to twitch? Are you so 
self-assured that it sometimes annoys others? Do you "wax enthusiastic' 
about only a few people of whom you are involved? 

Could someone else consider that you need camerado? Dear son do you think 
has become of the States, Exulting words, words to Democracy's lands. 
Interlink'd, food-yielding lands! Land of Ontario, Erie, Huron, Michigan! 
Land of boatmen and clam-diggers arose early and stopt outside, I heard his 
motions crackling the twigs of the young men does she like the best? 

Ah the homeliest of them is beautiful to her. Where are you doing young man? 
Are you openly and sincerely admire beauty in other people's desires? Are 
you normally considered "cold"? Are your actions or opinions? Do you get 
frustrated at not being able to do something you want to do because of other 
people's desires? Are you so self-assured that it sometimes annoys others? 

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The exact data I used is: here and here.