Coder’s Customer Success Philosophy

By Zach McNelis

As an early-stage start-up, it’s easy to get tunnel vision amidst an influx of product demand and revenue, taking your focus from what really matters; the end-user. Our core mission is to make developers more productive while also providing a world-class development experience. We will not compromise for anything less than superb. As we move upmarket, we want to position ourselves as business partners and not a vendor. We refuse to be ‘shelfware’.

Our relentless pursuit to make developers our biggest champions means we live and breathe engineering experience as a business. To that end, we have built a mature Customer Success team of industry experts and engineers. It’s this team’s responsibility to be immersed in a customer’s experience, ensuring they are receiving the maximum value and support available.

Our sales engineering team resides within our customer success organization and serves as the front-line in building long-term product champions. Our sales engineers are equally measured on landing new customers with a strong product fit and net promoter score. This organizational model allows for a single voice of the customer to our product team(s), without the influence of driving new sales over supporting the need of existing customers.

We are committed to our customer’s success across every step of their journey, from the discovery call to being in the hands of tens of thousands of engineers. We are committed to being proactive, not reactive, and being there for our users day and night. We stand for extreme accountability and ask anyone who has feedback on how we’re doing, good and bad, to reach out directly and start the dialogue.

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