Spend your Time Analyzing Data, not Building Environments

Spend your Time Analyzing Data, not Building Environments

By Coder Team Member

“To stay one step ahead of our adversaries, the Intelligence Community must constantly develop new tools and techniques that give us an advantage. Innovation encompasses more than just technology: it’s about challenging the ways we see the world and the processes we use in our day-to-day work. It’s about doing our work in the most efficient way possible so we get the most timely and relevant information possible. Our work enables our armed services and national leaders to make sound decisions for our country.” — INTEL.gov

Don’t let standing up data analysis and software development environments be a bottleneck that keeps your agency from fulfilling its mission.

Coder Enterprise provisions development environments on your organization’s infrastructure that can be accessed securely from any device with a browser, even in air-gapped deployments. Each development environment is created from a predefined image, eliminating installation and setup overhead.

Coder Enterprise automates, powers, and secures the development environment letting your engineers focus on what’s important: analyzing data and writing code.

Reduce Security Risks
Source code and development actions are centralized to mitigate risk. Your code and data stay where they belong, secured on the cluster or in authorized repositories — not on individuals’ laptops. Coder Enterprise even works seamlessly within the most restrictive air-gapped environments, providing productivity in zero-trust environments for developers and data analysts.

Collaborate across Agencies and Departments
Coder Enterprise enables collaboration. Environments are created from version-controlled, team-defined Docker images. They are provisioned through the dashboard and orchestrated by Kubernetes, ensuring that everyone on the team is using the same configuration and is up-to-date on the latest patches and fixes.

Leverage the Power of the Cloud
Coder Enterprise runs on Kubernetes and is platform and infrastructure agnostic. Run it in the cloud using AWS GovCloud, Azure, Google Cloud, or other platforms. Or if security policies prohibit their use, deploy it on your own infrastructure.

Stay Productive During a Crisis
Whether your team is facing a forced evacuation due to a mass weather event or a stay-at-home mandate, the team must continue to operate. With Coder Enterprise, your developers can work safely from wherever they are through a browser. Enable secure software development from anywhere, on any device, in any situation.

Manage Users and Audit Centrally
Users are managed from the dashboard. Easily create teams to enable collaboration. Extensive auditing allows security reviewers to identify insider threats quickly.

Spend Less Time setting up Environments
Most developers spend between 2–8 hours, and sometimes more, setting up a new dev environment and they do so multiple times a year. With Coder Enterprise, it takes seconds, significantly reducing onboarding time for new projects.

Use the Right Tools for the Job
Coder Enterprise provides multi-editor support allowing developers and data scientists the freedom to use the IDEs they already know and love, including VSCode, Jupyter Notebook, IntelliJ, Eclipse, and PyCharm, all accessible through the browser. It also allows for advanced integrations into GitLab, BitBucket, GitHub, and more.

Support Training and Education
Coder Enterprise empowers training at scale. Students spend time learning how to code, not struggling to build their environments. Instructors spend time teaching, not troubleshooting students’ device configurations.

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