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Coder + VSCode allows you to host your content right from the IDE. As soon as you start a server, Coder will generate a URL you can access from the menu. It's a great way to preview your work or easily share it. We support any web server which runs on the domain with one of our available ports.

  • Supports hot reloading
  • Generates a unique URL for you to share
  • Example URL:
  • The first part of the URL will always be the port your server runs on

How it works

Note: Be sure to run your web servers using to ensure recognizes the server

  • Start your web server from the terminal

booting up CDR service

  • In Vscode, look for the globe icon and click it
  • Click the URL at the top of the list

sidebar in action

Things you should know

  • web servers are live while the container is active

  • Switching projects will cause any web servers to end

  • Make sure to use one of the available ports below:

    • 80
    • 3000
    • 3001
    • 8000
    • 8080
    • 9000
    • 9001

launch CDR service