Managing Environments

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See some example usages of the CLI for personal management of Environment.

List all of your Environments

coder envs ls
Name    ImageTag    CPUCores    MemoryGB    DiskGB    GPUs    Updating    Status
cdev    latest      8           12          96        0       false       ON
site    ubuntu      1           1           10        0       false       ON
dev     latest      8           16          64        0       false       OFF
denv    latest      8           16          80        0       false       OFF

Rebuild an Environment

coder envs rebuild my-env --follow
Rebuild environment "my-env"? (will destroy any work outside of /home): y█
✅ -- 2020-12-20T02:43:44Z Deleting old environment
✅ -- 2020-12-20T02:43:44Z Deleting old network isolation policy
✅ -- 2020-12-20T02:43:44Z Deleting old service

Stop all of your Environments

coder envs ls -o json | jq -r .[].name | xargs coder envs stop
success: successfully stopped environment "site"

Full Reference

For a full list of the Coder CLI commands available, see the reference pages.

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