GitHub OAuth

GitHub OAuth

By default, Coder is accessible via built-in authentication. Alternatively, you can configure Coder to enable logging in through GitHub OAuth. See below for configuration steps.

Step 1: Configure the OAuth application in GitHub

First, [](register a GitHub OAuth app). GitHub will ask you for the following Coder parameters:

  • Homepage URL: Set to your Coder domain (e.g.
  • User Authorization Callback URL: Set to

Note the Client ID and Client Secret generated by GitHub. You will use these values in the next step.

Step 2: Configure Coder with the OAuth credentials

Navigate to your Coder host and run the following command to start up the Coder server:

coder server --oauth2-github-allow-signups=true --oauth2-github-allowed-orgs="your-org" --oauth2-github-client-id="8d1...e05" --oauth2-github-client-secret="57ebc9...02c24c"

Alternatively, if you are running Coder as a system service, you can achieve the same result as the command above by adding the following environment variables to the /etc/coder.d/coder.env file:


Once complete, run sudo service coder restart to reboot Coder.

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