Please install Coder before proceeding with the steps outlined in this article.

First time admin user setup

  1. Run coder login <your Access URL> in a new terminal and follow the interactive instructions to create your admin user and password.

If using coder server --tunnel, the Access URL appears in the terminal logs.

Creating your first template and workspace

In a new terminal window, run the following to copy a sample template:

coder templates init

Follow the CLI instructions to select an example that you can modify for your specific usage (e.g., a template to Develop code-server in Docker):

  1. Navigate into your new templates folder and create your first template using the provided command (e.g., cd ./docker-code-server && coder templates create)

  2. Answer the CLI prompts; when done, confirm that you want to create your template.

Create a workspace using your template:

coder create --template="yourTemplate" <workspaceName>

Connect to your workspace via SSH:

coder ssh <workspaceName>

You can also access your workspace using the access URL you provided when deploying Coder (if you're using a temporary deployment and you opted to use Coder's tunnel, use the access URL you were provided). Log in with the admin credentials provided to you by Coder.

Coder Web UI with code-server

You can also create workspaces using the access URL and the Templates UI.

Templates UI to create a

Modifying templates

You can edit the Terraform template as follows:

coder templates init
cd gcp-linux # modify this line as needed to access the template
coder templates update gcp-linux # updates the template

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