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Dev URLs

Developer (Dev) URLs allow users to access the ports of services they are developing within their environment. However, before individual developers can set up dev URLs, an administrator must configure and enable dev URL usage.

Before you proceed

You must own a wildcard DNS record for your custom domain name to enable and use dev URLs with Coder.

Enabling the use of dev URLs

Dev URLs is an opt-in feature. To enable dev URLs in your cluster, you'll need to modify your:

  1. Helm chart
  2. Wildcard DNS record

Step 1: Modify the Helm chart

Set to a wildcard domain pointing to your ingress controller:

helm upgrade coder coder/coder --set"*"

If you're using the default ingress controller, specifying a value for automatically adds a rule that routes dev URL requests to the user's environment:

 - host: "*"
      - path: /
          serviceName: envproxy
          servicePort: 8080

If you are providing your own ingress controller, then you will need to add the rule manually.

Step 2: Modify the wildcard DNS record

The final step to enabling dev URLs is to update your wildcard DNS record. Get the ingress IP address using kubectl --namespace coder get ingress and point your wildcard DNS record (e.g., * to the ingress IP address.

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