Welcome to collaboration with Coder + VSCode

Collaboration allows you to work in real-time with other coders. Instead of standing and talking in someone's ear, you can literally take part in their coding experience with colorful flags to let you know who is typing. This is especially helpful for teachers, students, and paired programmers.

How it works

Collaboration is pretty dang simple:

  1. Click the collaboration icon in the sidebar
  2. Enter the username or email of the person you would like to collaborate with
  3. Press enter to send an invitation to collaborate
  4. After the recipient accepts your invitation via email, they will be added to your workspace

What your collaborator sees

  • The party that you invited to join your project will receive an email
  • Once they have clicked the Accept button, they will be brought back to the projects page where they can see your project in their own project

Collaboration in VSCode

  • You and your collaborator can type at the same time
  • Colorful flags will appear next to each collaborator name
  • You can remove collaborators at any time from the collaborator menu

Things to know about collaboration

The collaboration menu is always available via the action bar in Coder + VSCode. Click the collaboration icon to invite your friends, colleagues, or mentors to the session. Coder collaboration only works if you and your collaborator have a coder account. It's free, so encourage your team to sign up via coder.com/signup

NOTE: Collaborators will have complete access to all the files in your project folder. Please be mindful of who you choose to collaborate with. Ideally, users you trust and who have your best interest in mind.