Managing your account preferences can be done directly from the dashboard. You can change your account info, including your name and password, access your API tokens for the CLI, and upload a new profile avatar.

To access the account preferences page, click on your avatar in the top right corner of the dashboard to access the dropdown menu, then click Preferences.

Account Info

The account info section allows you to edit your name and password. If you wish to edit your password, you must provide it in both input boxes. Once you have ensured your new details are correct, click the Submit button to update your details.

Command Line

The command line section allows you to access your secret CLI authentication key. It is highly important that this key is kept a secret, as it grants full access to all resources you have access to through Coder Enterprise (including your environments).

To create a CLI key for the first time, click the Create button. A key should be displayed in the box above. You can click on the copy icon to copy your newly created key. CLI keys have an expiry date of one year after they were created or last regenerated.

To regenerate your key if you have lost it, you can click on the Regenerate button. This will not invalidate old keys, but rather regenerates the existing key and sets its expiry date to one year from now.

To delete your keys, you can click on the Delete button. This will render all previously generated keys invalid. If you believe that your CLI keys could be in someone else's hands, you should delete your keys and recreate them.

Setting up the CLI

To setup the CLI with your new keys, you can use ce init. The CLI will ask a few questions and then save the key for later use. If you'd like to remove your key from a computer, you can delete the session_token file in your config directory.

The configuration directory can be found in the following locations:

  • On Unix, the config directory is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/coder or $HOME/.config/coder if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set.
  • On Darwin, the config directory is $HOME/Library/Application Support/coder.
  • On Windows, the config directory is %APPDATA%/coder.
  • On Plan 9, the config directory is $home/lib/coder.


The avatar section allows you to upload or reset your current avatar. Avatars can be uploaded by clicking on the Upload button and selecting an image from your computer. You can reset your current avatar by clicking on the Reset button. Resetting your avatar reverts it back to the default identicon avatar generated by the cemanager.

Uploaded images are resized, so the smallest dimension is 512 pixels (retaining aspect ratio), then cropped to fit 512x512 pixels. They are then converted to JPEG image files. If you upload a transparent PNG file, the transparent background will be replaced with black pixels. If you upload a GIF file, only the first frame will be kept.

We recommend uploading a 512x512 pixel JPEG image file to avoid any unexpected changes to your original image in our normalization process.

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