Coder Enterprise hooks into one or more docker registries in order to pull images and manage their associated metadata. An admin has the ability to add and remove registries as long as there aren't environments using images from them. Any public or private registry can be hooked into, but you may need to provide authentication credentials to use a secured registry.

Adding a Registry

To add a registry, navigate to the Admin page, type in the registry URL and credentials if needed. Then select Add Registry to hook into the new registry.

Adding an Authenticated Registry

To hook into an authenticated registry, the credentials can be provided via a username and password. The credentials will be stored as a Kubernetes' secret resource. These credentials are used to allow the cluster to pull the image without having to manually authenticate the cluster with the registry.

Automatic checks are done to ensure the registry is reachable and that the provided credentials are valid. In the case of most public registries, the username and password may be left empty.

Many docker registry services use special values for the username and password. For example, expects _json_key as the username, and a service account json key as the password.

Deleting a Registry

To delete a registry, navigate to the Admin page and select the trash icon next to the registry you'd like to remove. A registry can't be deleted if there are environments using images from the registry.

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