Containers image

Containers are essentially your personal Linux machine. Coder gives you root access so you can install whatever you want. Anything which can be installed on a Linux machine can be installed on your container. You can access the command line for your machine from the containers page, or by opening up a terminal window in Coder’s server-powered VSCode.

Reset your container

If you want to reset your container to its base image (Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS) you can do so from the containers page:

CAUTION: Resetting your container will remove any existing dependencies and configurations

  1. Turn off your container
  2. Click Reset button
  3. Confirm the reset when prompted

reset container button image


  • As a user you will always have root level permissions. This means that you will never have to prefix your commands with sudo
  • If you want to restore your OS to factory state you can visit the containers page and click the reset button