Push an Image Version

An Image Version is a specific version of an image that can be used as the base of an environment.

Those who have the write role for an image can push an image version. Making a user an image writer is described here.

An image writer can make changes to an image by updating their Docker build context or Dockerfile, then running ce push <image_name> in the directory with the Docker build directory.

Accepting The Update

Once the new image version is pushed, users of that image are notified through the dashboard until their environment is up to date.

Pushing an image to an insecure HTTP deployment

We recommend securing your deployment with https, but if you'd like to just try it out without setting that up, you will need to add additional configuration to your local docker daemon in order to push up an image to your Coder deployment.

You will need to add your manager's external IP with port 80 into your docker daemon config located at /etc/docker/daemon.json. If the file doesn't exist, it should be created.

    "insecure-registries": [""]

After adding the previous json to your docker daemon's config file, you should restart your docker daemon in order for the changes to take effect. Once that's all completed, you should be able to push your image to the manager successfully.

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