Migrate To Coder

This guide shows how to migrate various local software configurations onto Coder. We assume your environment is named dev, and your username is ammar.

VS Code

You can migrate your extensions, themes, and settings from your local VS Code to your code-server env easily.

  1. Ensure that the ce CLI installed and authenticated.
  2. Copy over extensions: run ce cp ~/.vscode/extensions dev:/home/ammar/.local/share/code-server/extensions
  3. Copy over settings: run ce cp ~/.config/Code/User dev:/home/ammar/.local/share/code-server/

That's it!


  1. ce cp ~/.config/fish dev:/home/ammar/.config/


  1. ce cp ~/.gitconfig dev:/home/ammar


  1. ce cp ~/.vimrc dev:/home/ammar
  2. ce cp ~/.vim dev:/home/ammar
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