This site covers Coder's installation, usage and concepts.

Our Mission

Developers should spend their time writing code, not fighting their environment. Coder's goal is to empower organizations to harness the cloud to provide consistent, secure, and performant environments across development teams. With over 5m Docker pulls and 26k GitHub stars, our software is used by some of the world's largest enterprises. Today, we're working with a handful of pilot organizations to shape the future of remote development through Coder.

What is Coder?

Coder is a complete VS Code based dev environment deployment solution for organizations. It represents each development environment as a Kubernetes orchestrated Docker container. Environments presents a web dashboard where developers can manage their environments, images, and develop in a fully-featured VS Code IDE.

Why use Coder?

Coder is a completely new paradigm for development. Some of the key benefits of using it are:

  1. Keep source on servers - Keep source code centralized on company servers to mitigate risk of theft or loss. Developers can work on their projects from anywhere in the world, on any device with a browser.
  2. Source controlled environments - Development environment Dockerfiles can be stored on the Git server of your choice. Collaborate on your development environments, and track how they change.
  3. Reproducible environments - Projects run inside of docker containers created from your team's image. If your environment gets messed up for any reason, just remove it and start with a clean slate.
  4. Quickly contribute - New developers can contribute with ease since they don't have to worry about what dependencies or configuration they need to get a working environment.
  5. High-performance environments - Use servers instead of local hardware to perform intense development operations. Overprovisioning is supported by the nature of Kubernetes.
  6. Simplify updates - A team leader can push updates to the base image via our dashboard or CLI. A notification will appear in your developers' IDEs, telling them exactly what's changed and letting them update on their own accord. Team leaders can track which developers are on different versions of the environment, providing constant visibility into environmental consistency.
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