Local Preview

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Set up a Coder deployment locally for testing.

Coder is typically deployed onto Kubernetes cluster, but if you would like to set up a lightweight preview deployment, you can do so locally using using Docker and kind.

Coder currently supports local preview only on workstations running macOS or Linux.


Before proceeding, please make sure that you have the following installed:

  1. Docker
  2. kind
  3. kubectl
  4. helm



CVMs are supported in local previews with some caveats.

  1. Linux hosts must be running Linux Kernel 5 and above.
  2. Docker Desktop for Mac must use version
  3. Docker Desktop for Windows must use version

These Docker Desktop versions are necessary due to a recent downgrade to Linux Kernel 4.9 because of a bug.

If you choose not to try CVMs, these Docker versions are not necessary.


Currently, the local preview doesn't support DevURLs. Tools such as ngrok can be used to preview webpages from inside an environment.

We are working on bringing DevURL support to local previews in later releases.

Installing Coder

To install Coder, run:

curl -fsSL https://coder.com/try.sh | PORT="8080" sh -s --

Note: you can edit the value of PORT to control where the Coder dashboard will be available.

When the installation process completes, you'll see the URL and login credentials you need to access Coder:

You can now access Coder at


You can tear down the deployment with

    curl -fsSL https://coder.com/try.sh | sh -s -- down

Platform credentials
User:     admin
Password: yfu...yu2

Visit the URL, and log in using the provided credentials. The platform is automatically configured for you, so there's no first time setup to do.

Removing Coder

To remove the local Coder deployment, run:

curl -fsSL https://coder.com/try.sh | sh -s -- down

Because Coder runs inside Docker, you should have nothing left on your machine after tear down.

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