Install script

Install script

The easiest way to install Coder is to use our install script for Linux and macOS.

To install, run:

curl -fsSL https://coder.com/install.sh | sh

You can preview what occurs during the install process:

curl -fsSL https://coder.com/install.sh | sh -s -- --dry-run

You can modify the installation process by including flags. Run the help command for reference:

curl -fsSL https://coder.com/install.sh | sh -s -- --help

After installing, use the in-terminal instructions to start the Coder server manually via coder server or as a system package.

By default, the Coder server runs on and uses a public tunnel for workspace connections.

PATH conflicts

It's possible to end up in situations where you have multiple coder binaries in your PATH, and your system may use a version that you don't intend. Your PATH is a variable that tells your shell where to look for programs to run.

You can check where all of the versions are by running which -a coder.

For example, a common conflict on macOS might be between a version installed by Homebrew, and a version installed manually to the /usr/local/bin directory.

$ which -a coder

Whichever binary comes first in this list will be used when running coder commands.

Reordering your PATH

If you use bash or zsh, you can update your PATH like this:

# You might want to add this line to the end of your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc file!
export PATH="/opt/homebrew/bin:$PATH"

If you use fish, you can update your PATH like this:

# You might want to add this line to the end of your ~/.config/fish/config.fish file!
fish_add_path "/opt/homebrew/bin"

ℹ If you ran install.sh with a --prefix flag, you can replace /opt/homebrew with whatever value you used there. Make sure to leave the /bin at the end!

Now we can observe that the order has changed:

$ which -a coder

Removing unneeded binaries

If you want to uninstall a version of coder that you installed with a package manager, you can run whichever one of these commands applies:

# On macOS, with Homebrew installed
brew uninstall coder
# On Debian/Ubuntu based systems
sudo dpkg -r coder
# On Fedora/RHEL-like systems
sudo rpm -e coder
# On Alpine
sudo apk del coder

If the conflicting binary is not installed by your system package manager, you can just delete it.

# You might not need `sudo`, depending on the location
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/coder

Next steps

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