You can use Homebrew to install the coder command. Homebrew is recommended, but you can also use our install script or download a standalone binary.

  1. Install Coder from our official Homebrew tap

    brew install coder/coder/coder

    Homebrew output from installing Coder

  2. Start a Coder server

    # Automatically sets up an external access URL on *
    coder server
    # Requires a PostgreSQL instance (version 13 or higher) and external access URL
    coder server --postgres-url <url> --access-url <url>

    Set CODER_ACCESS_URL to the external URL that users and workspaces will use to connect to Coder. This is not required if you are using the tunnel. Learn more about Coder's configuration options.

  3. Visit the Coder URL in the logs to set up your first account, or use the CLI.

Next steps

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