Supercharge your Software Factory

Security and productivity shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Contained within your infrastructure, Coder automates, powers, and secures the development environment letting your engineers focus on the mission.

Productivity and security in harmony

  • The Foundation of your
    DevSecOps Initiative

    Coder enables secure software development. With Coder all development actions are centralized on your organization’s internal cloud infrastructure.

    Learn How Coder Fits Into DevSecOps
  • Productivity in a
    Zero Trust Environment

    Coder works seamlessly within even the most-restrictive air-gapped environments. providing productivity in a zero trust environment for developers and data scientists.

Give your Engineers
an Unfair Advantage

Efficiency at scale
Coder Enterprise supports some of the largest engineering organizations by automating away manual processes. With a single click, developers can access their environments through the Coder Enterprise dashboard.
Environments dashboard
Code server editor
List of images in coder dashboard

The best tools,
no compromises

  • The most popular IDEs

    Coder development environments support the most popular IDEs – including IntelliJ, Eclipse, VSCode, and PyCharm – and make them accessible through the browser.

  • Platforming and
    tooling agnostic

    Coder is platform and tooling agnostic, providing advanced integrations into GitLab, BitBucket, GitHub, and more within the DevSecOps ecosystem.

Secure access
from anywhere

  • Cross-agency collaboration

    Each project can have its own predefined image; your team can start working and collaborating immediately. The platform can be shared across agencies to provide a unified development experience for everyone.

  • Global reach

    With Coder, all source code and development activity lives in your central infrastructure and off of employee workstations. Leverage a geographically distributed deployment for a world-class development experience anywhere on the globe.

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Agencies and commands
we currently support:

  • Airforce
  • Navy
  • In-Q-Tel