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Move your developer workstations off of local machines and into your infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Install Coder anywhere you run Kubernetes or Docker to empower your developers with consistent, fast, and secure developer workspaces.
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$ docker run --rm -it -p 7080:7080 \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    -v ~/.coder:/var/run/coder \

The problems with development running on local machines

Coder automates the creation of development environments from pre-configured images. Environments take minutes to create, saving hours of manual and error-prone effort. New team members can start contributing code immediately.

With Coder, updates to the underlying images can be automatically pushed out to environments created from those images, ensuring the whole team has the updates and , patches. No more, "well, it works on my machine”.

With Coder’s in-browser IDE support, development actions are centralized — all source code and data stay secured on the cluster or in authorized repositories. There is nothing sitting on a laptop waiting to get left in an Uber.

Coder allows devs to leverage the power, speed, and scalability of the cloud. Need more compute power for compilation and assembly? Spin up a new container with all the resources needed.

Move development to your cloud

Coder handles the orchestration of new conformant and consistent workspaces using source-controlled Dockerfiles and workspace templates. Empower developers and data scientists to spin up self-serve workspaces that just work.

Keep your workflow

Coder works with the tools that you work with. No need to change your preferred editor, CI tooling, or version control system—with support for Docker in Docker, too.

  • Run VS Code, Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, IntelliJ, PyCharm, & other IDEs and editors
  • Run VS Code & JetBrains IDEs locally via SSH connection to your Coder workspace
  • Version control with GitHub, GitLab, & Bitbucket
  • Personalize your workspaces to fit your flow

Speed up builds and tests

Use the power and scale of the cloud to offload the burden of slow builds and tests from your local machine.

  • Deploy workspaces with the CPUs and memory you need
  • Accommodate bursty workloads by utilizing the cluster’s idle CPUs and memory
  • Harness the parallelism of GPUs for deep learning and other intensive workloads

Develop with any device

Access your workspace from anywhere with the same snappy development experience you expect from a local IDE.

  • Work from home, the office, or wherever you are
  • Code using any device, even an iPad

Onboard to new projects from wherever, whenever

Onboarding to a new project can take days away from your productivity and hinders collaboration. Get on the same page and stay on the same page faster.

  • Start a new project with all the required tools and dependencies in minutes
  • Collaborate across teams with ease
  • Work with your team from anywhere in the world without latency

Secure your data and source code

Source code and data can remain secured on the cluster or in authorized repositories — not sitting on a workstation or laptop.

  • Get the security benefits of VDI with a better developer experience
  • Reduce the risk of source code leaks
  • Ideal for zero-trust networks and air-gapped environments

Kazoo reduces onboarding time with Coder

"New hires have a shorter onboarding experience because they‘re just spinning up a Coder workspace instead of installing locally and having to worry about whether all the dependencies are up to date."
Joe Mainwaring
Director of Infrastructure, Kazoo
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Coder is priced per user on a yearly basis. Once Coder is running you can create as many dev environments as needed for your team. The only limits are the capabilities of your infrastructure.

Coder's self-hosted solution is deployed on your infrastructure: you host the dashboard and your workspaces on your Kubernetes cluster.

We also have a hosted solution now available in limited beta. Our hosted solution still requires you have a Kubernetes cluster for your workspaces, but we host the Coder dashboard for you, reducing the time needed for installation and maintenance. Once you log in to your Coder-hosted dashboard, you'll attach your cluster as a workspace provider. If you're interested in joining the beta, please request a free trial and select the hosted version on the second screen.

This will vary depending upon the cloud provider you use, whether you run Coder on-premises, the number of dev environments you have running at any given moment, the scale of your Kubernetes cluster, and many other factors. For more information on the requirements to run Coder, see our documentation.

It will vary depending upon the procurement rules of the individual agency. Please contact our Public Sector team for more information: [email protected].

Your purchase of Coder includes the platform, all updates during the duration of your contract, the ability to add one named user per seat purchased, as well as support from Coder. The purchase price does not include the infrastructure required to run the Coder platform.

Coder provides standard support for all paid accounts throughout the duration of the contract. Additional support with reduced response times is also available for an additional fee. During the free trial, users receive limited support through the community Slack channel, the published documentation, and video tutorials.

Yes! Contact your account manager for assistance or email [email protected].

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Our commitment to open source

Learn more about our projects and our commitment to the open source community.

code-server: the heart of Coder

code-server is the primary open source project we maintain. It allows developers to use a browser to access remote dev environments running VS Code. Coder builds upon the success of code-server and adds features designed for enterprise teams including support for additional IDEs and advanced security features.