About Coder

Coder is dedicated to keeping developers in flow — removing the obstacles that prevent them from writing code at the speed of thought.

How it started

Coder’s three co-founders — Ammar Bandukwala, Kyle Carberry, and John Andrew Entwistle — first met online while in high school. The three were soon collaborating to build and monetize Minecraft plugins and servers, eventually moving on to a series of other projects, some successful, some not.

Frustrated by the complexities of collaborating remotely on software development, after graduation Ammar, Kyle, and John Andrew moved to Austin and started Coder to create the development tools they wish had been available for them. The trio rented a building they nicknamed “The Shack,” hired a couple of developers, and got to work.


With investments from major VC firms, Coder is now a remote-first company with over three dozen employees spread across the globe. Coder provides an enterprise platform and open source tools that make it easier than ever to configure, secure, and manage software development environments. Our products are trusted by developers and used by many of the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies.

A timeline of Coder

August 2017

Co-founders move to Austin to create Coder

September 2018

Coder releases first public alpha

November 2018

Coder raises Series Seed funding

March 2019

Coder releases code-server as open source

November 2019

Coder raises Series A funding

November 2019

code-server Github stars surpass 25K

December 2019

The founders posing for a publicity shot shortly before Series B funding was announced

December 2019

In-Q-Tel becomes an investor and customer

January 2020

Coder’s enterprise product reaches general availability

January 2020

Coder relocates its offices to the Frost Tower in downtown Austin

April 2020

Coder raises Series B funding

May 2020

code-server surpasses 30k Github stars

February 2021

code-server surpasses 40k Github stars

Our leadership team

Krista Ratcliff

Head of Operations

Ketan Gangatirkar

VP of Engineering

Mark Milligan

VP of Sales

Kyle Carberry

Co-founder & CTO

Ammar Bandukwala

Co-founder & CEO

Our backers

RedpointGGV CapitalFounders FundCapital FactoryIN-Q-TELUncork Capital
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Our commitment to open source

Learn more about our projects and our commitment to the open source community.

code-server: the heart of Coder

code-server is the primary open source project we maintain. It allows developers to use a browser to access remote dev environments running VS Code. Coder builds upon the success of code-server and adds features designed for enterprise teams including support for additional IDEs and advanced security features.