About Us

Our goal is for developers to spend all their time on creative tasks: thinking about problems, collaborating with team members, and writing code. Coder should take care of the rest.

Our Story
What we do and why
Coder was founded out of a desire to make software development more efficient through the advent of the cloud.

At the time, software was being transformed by the cloud, but the IDE remained relatively untouched. We viewed this as an opportunity and set out to overcome the challenges that thwarted previous attempts. Our findings culminated in the open-source release of code-server. Code-server converts VS Code — the world’s most popular IDE — into a cloud IDE. This is the first Cloud IDE to offer a battle-tested experience. Code-server has seen millions of downloads to address a variety of use cases.

Environment Management

Stop setting up and fiddling with environments. As organizations grow, they accumulate environmental debt. This debt makes creating and updating developer environments more difficult. With Coder, creating and updating environments takes seconds. All while maintaining consistency across the entire team.


Minimize waiting on code tooling - Currently, a dev’s local machine has to run builds, tests, and static analyzers. Due to limited computing resources, these processes create bottlenecks and slow progress. With Coder, the entire dev environment runs on powerful, scalable servers.


Coder helps organizations meet demanding security policies. With Coder, source code and development data is stored on centralized servers. Allowing team leads to instantly remove access to code, and rest assured that a stolen laptop doesn’t mean a stolen codebase.

We solve these problems in lockstep with Coder Enterprise. Coder Enterprise takes care of provisioning and updating environments, SSO, auditing and more. It offers a central dashboard for launching into consistent environments. With Coder Enterprise, the dev environment is abstracted away from the developer, letting them spend more time creatively.

The Company Board
Meet our leadership team
Ammar Bandukwala
Founder & CTO
Kyle Carberry
Founder & CEO
John A. Entwistle
Founder & CEO
Alex Bard
Board Member
Andy McLoughlin
Board Member
Mitchell Hashimoto
Our investors
Some of the most innovative tech capital firms back Coder.
We're in our Series A.
Uncork Capital
Bessemer Venture Partners
Founders Fund
Capital Factory