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Use Coder to eliminate time wasted configuring, securing, and powering development environments. Let developers focus on building.

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Reproducible and Instant Environments

With Coder Enterprise, team members have the same reproducible environment that can be deployed in seconds. Coder ensures that everyone stays up to date and consistent — eliminating the “It works on my machine” problem.

Closer to the action

Server-Powered Development

Coder’s dev environments run on powerful servers, in the cloud, or on-prem. Stop waiting on compilations and long tests, and develop closer to the action than ever before.


Secure by Design

With Coder, company source code is never stored on a developer's local machine. Apply security policies and firewall rules to protect and monitor intellectual property.

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Easy Setup

The Coder platform can be deployed easily in a few minutes on-prem or in the cloud. We package our platform with Docker, so there’s no need to study long guides or struggle with dependencies.

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First-Class CLI

Devs should be focused on their project, not our tools. We provide an ergonomic CLI so Coder interactions are quick and flow is maintained.

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Developers can customize their extensions, settings, and software on top of the team-provided environment, and maintain those customizations when the environment is upgraded.