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SSH Connections
VS CodeJetBrains

SSH into workspaces using standard tools. Coder seamlessly integrates with VS Code Remote and JetBrains Gateway.

Web Apps
VS CodeJetBrainsJupyerRStudio

Access Workspaces through code-server, R-Studio, Jupyter, and more.

Git Provider Integration
GitHubGitLabBitBucketAzure DevOps

Automatically authenticate with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket and more.


Organize users into groups to efficiently manage permissions.

Template Access Control

Control which users and groups can use each template.

Browser-Only Mode

Block SSH connections to prevent exfiltration and comply with security policy.

Isolated Runners

Create strong isolation between templates by isolating specific runners to specific templates.


Automatically provision and deprovision users with your OpenID connect provider.

Audit Logging

Review every action performed on your deployment.

High Availability

Achieve global scale with reliability and performance.

Workspace Quotas

Control costs and ensure fair access to resources.

Open Source

  • SSH Connections
  • Web Apps
  • Git Provider Integration
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  • Groups
  • Template Access Control
  • Browser-Only Mode
  • Isolated Runners
  • SCIM
  • Audit Logging
  • High Availability
  • Workspace Quotas
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