Remote development
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Offload your team's development from local workstations to powerful cloud servers. Instantly onboard developers. Keep your source code and data behind your firewall.

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Coder OSS
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$ curl -fsSL | sh
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TerraformPoweredDeveloper Workspaces

Use 2000+ Terraform providers to make any resource a development workspace.

Google CloudAzureDigital OceanDockerAWSKubernetes

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By leveraging Terraform, Coder lets developers run an IDE on any compute platform including on-prem, AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Kubernetes, Docker, and more, with workspaces running on Linux, Windows, or Mac.
Kevin Fishner from HashiCorp
Kevin Fishner
Chief of Staff, HashiCorp
Kevin Fishner from HashiCorp

Code with any editor or IDE

Use code-server, VS Code Remote, JetBrains Remote, RStudio, and more.

$ coder ssh
An IDE running on Coder SSH
An IDE running on Coder SSH

Unlimited flexibility & power

Use industry standard infrastructure-as-code systems like Terraform for unlimited flexibility. Customize or fork our templates or create your own to give your workspaces unlimited power. Integrate with your authentication, source control, and logging.

$ coder templates push

Batteries included

Build workspaces on production-ready templates available out of the box.

$ coder templates init
An IDE running on Coder SSH
An IDE running on Coder SSH

Personalize your workspace

Use custom dotfiles and configurations. Execute personalization scripts to make standardized workspaces uniquely yours, safely and reliably.

ssh directly into your workspace to do anything you can on a local workstation but better and faster.

$ coder create


Our entire developer experience is free and open source. Reach out when you have a mature deployment or enterprise needs.


  • Always Free
  • Open Source
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • OpenID Connect
  • Sign in with GitHub
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  • 24/7 Enterprise Support
  • High Availability
  • Cost Controls
  • Auditing
  • RBAC
  • Air Gapped Deployment
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Frequently asked questions

No, we bake in production-ready templates that cover the most popular use cases. Terraform knowledge is required for advanced customization.

Coder supports on/off scheduling to reduce costs, lets you control which infrastructure values your team may configure (e.g, I just want my team to control the CPU), networks your cloud dev env to your local machine, and more.

  • Coder OSS is our beta, multi-platform, multi-compute solution.

  • Coder v1 is our production-ready, Kubernetes-centric solution.

Yes! Coder runs on your infrastructure. Get started by running Coder with Docker.

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