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Coder is an open source remote development environment serving Visual Studio Code. Accelerate your workflow and surpass the capabilities of your local development machine.

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Gain features, don't lose them

Enhance VSCode with the extensions you already know and love.

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If you can open a browser, you can use Coder.


For the modern engineer

Use Coder to experience the benefits of cloud computation and storage integrated seamlessly into your IDE. Access your IDE from any computer, run resource-intensive tasks, and never worry about spilled coffee again.


Coder Enterprise

Enhance engineering productivity by removing the limitations of local machines for your team. With Coder Enterprise, your engineers can harness the power of your infrastructure, collaborate in real time, say goodbye to the phrase “it worked on my machine” and more. Administrators have full transparency, usage reports, and control. Code is stored on your servers, never on local devices.

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Accelerate your engineering team’s workflow.

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