Automate Away Development Environments

Stop wasting time configuring, securing, and powering dev environments. Let developers focus on the product.

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Secure and Productive Software Development During a Work From Home Mandate

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How Coder fits into your DevSecOps Initiative

Coder acts as the first foundational step in an organization’s DevSecOps pipeline by providing developers with a productive, consistent, and secure development environment.

We make it easy to write more code.

  • Improve dev velocity

    Configure your environment once, and then share it with the entire team. Make “It works on my machine” a thing of the past. Be productive from day one.

  • Secure by design

    With Coder, all source code and development activity lives in your central infrastructure, off of employee workstations.

Proven by open source.
Trusted by engineers.

Coder has a thriving community of talented engineers from companies large and small contributing to the future of remote development. With over 30,000 stars—Coder is the proven solution for productive remote development.

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