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Centralize your software development
Coder moves software development to your cloud, centralizing an organization's development initiatives and unlocking substantial gains in both developer velocity and enterprise security.
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Developer Velocity and Enterprise Security in Harmony

What's the problem?

Traditional software development is inefficient. It's also risky.


Onboarding delays from environment setup


Configuration drift as the project evolves


Source code on insecure endpoints


Limited compute power


Lack of visibility into development workflow

Why Coder?

Consistent workspaces

Development environments are created in seconds from centralized image repositories. Updates to the underlying image can be pushed out to all environments using that image.

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    No more “it works on my machine”

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    Eliminate configuration drift


Secure by design

Source code and data remain secured on the cluster or in authorized repositories. Nothing is sitting on a workstation or laptop, just waiting to get left in an Uber.

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    Reduce the attack surface

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    Integrates with your solutions for IT management and access control


Entirely remote

Code securely from anywhere, on any device. The only requirements are internet access and a web browser.

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    Remote access, native app feel

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    Leverage the power and scalability of the cloud


Your tools, your way

We work with what you work with. Developers can continue using the languages and tools they know and love.

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    Use VS Code, Jupyter Notebook, IntelliJ, PyCharm, GitHub, & more

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    Deploy on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or your own infrastructure—anywhere you run Kubernetes


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Our open-source

Learn more about our projects and our commitment to the open-source community

At the heart of Coder is code-server, our primary open-source product.

Thousands of developers across the world use it on a daily basis to access remote dev environments running VS Code. Coder builds upon the success of code-server and adds features designed for the enterprise.