Coder 1.19 has been released!

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Ben Potter
 on May 21st, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of Coder v1.19. This release introduces new features for administering development environments at scale, including the introduction of organization-wide resource quotas and more granular access permissions for dev URLs.

Resource quotas

Coder workspaces built on Kubernetes provide resource utilization and cloud cost saving benefits to organizations. Administrators are able to set the resource utilization overprovisioning ratio for their team, but until now there was no way to set a hard limit on how many resources an individual developer could use across all of their workspaces.

Users with the site administrator role in Coder can now set resource quotas for all users within an organization. This change helps prevent platform abuse by individual users, provides more control over resource provisioning, and allows organizations to better manage their cloud costs. See the guide in our docs

Resource quotas apply to all of a developer’s workspaces within an organization.

ex. Users in the “Frontend Engineering” organization can use 0 GPUs and a max of 8 GB RAM across all their workspaces.

Setting resource quotas within an organization

We recommend working with your project on Coder for some time to fully understand the resource requirements before implementing resource quotas.

Dev URL access permissions

The maximum level of dev URL permissions can now be controlled on an admin-level. This can be used to restrict traffic into dev URLs from users outside the specific organization, the Coder deployment, or the general public.

Dev URL policies can be configured in the “Admin” page

Experimental features

The following experimental features have been introduced in 1.19 and are subject to change in future releases.

  • Networking v2 (Alpha): We’re introducing a new networking model which includes end-to-end encryption. See instructions in the Admin settings on how to enable this.
  • Workspace Templates (Beta): Workspace template now use the v0.2 schema in 1.19. Read the docs
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