Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Development Environment

Virtual desktops are commonplace within regulated and large organizations but lack the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and developer experience that software organizations require to be productive. Coder delivers cost-effective and responsive remote development environments that work within or independent of virtual desktops, all accessible from a web browser.

A Developer Experience, Not a Virtual Experience

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a popular way to provide employees and contractors with secure access to a desktop in an on-prem or public cloud. Setup and configuration of integrated development environments (IDEs) in VDI is often difficult, including a bad user latency experience. With Coder, use container and VM images to define workspaces, and let developers securely access Coder from any standard web browser on their local machine.

Coder and VDI Can Coexist

Regulated industries like financial services, health care, and the public sector often require all employees to access systems through VDI. Maintaining development environment standards within a VDI image is both cumbersome and slow for developers. With Coder, all you need is a standard web browser—theres no development environment setup in VDI. Exfiltration of intellectual property is tightly enforced while developers enjoy a snappy experience through their browser.
VDI Dockerfile

Computing Power Without VDI Cost

VDI machines, like virtual machines, provide dedicated compute for each developer. If developers don't use it, its still a sunk cost. Coder can run on shared compute infrastructure like Kubernetes, and simply shut down workspaces to remove idle development environment use. If Coder coexists with VDI, the VDI machine sizes are smaller and lower cost because the development environment is moved out of VDI to the Coder infrastructure. If Coder is used in lieu of VDI, the dedicated compute challenge ends and development environments share compute across the Coder deployment.
VDI Goland

Next Steps

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