Developer Productivity

Move development environments to your on-prem or public cloud infrastructure, giving developers exponentially faster clone and build times. Environments are consistent, reducing self-inflicted rework, and new developers can productively code on their first day.

Shave weeks every year from onboarding and maintenance

Developers spend their first days and sometimes weeks manually installing development tools like IDEs and frameworks on local machines. The problem and costs exacerbate as the developer count rises to the thousands. Coder automates away this manual step. Log into Coder, choose a container or VM image, and get coding in the browser or with SSH in minutes.

Eliminate Rework

Alongside wasting developer time, manual environment setup leads to inconsistent environments across a development team. A feature change may work on a developer's machine but break in a CI test or, worse, production. Besides environmental consistency, developers can securely share their work-in-progress applications. Coder gives developers confidence their code will work in CI and production, eliminating rework.
VDI Workspaces

Git Clone and Build Faster

Software repositories are larger and more complicated, blocking developers on slow downloads and builds. When local compute is exhausted, the local machine is rendered useless, and developer flow is interrupted. Coder workspaces live in your on-prem or public cloud infrastructure near your Git provider and with exponentially more compute than a local machine. With the bottlenecks to flow removed, developers can ship more code.
VDI Docker

Next Steps

Say goodbye to hardware limitations and hello to accelerated code execution and increased productivity. Empower your organization to innovate at lightning speed and stay ahead of the competition.