Security and Isolation

Secure Workspace for Code Development

By separating development environments from business applications, Coder eliminates weeks of software approval delays. Coder offers a safe development experience from the browser into your secure infrastructure.

No More Approvals to Install Dev Tools

Regulated and highly secure industries like financial services, defense, and intelligence require centralized approvals for developers to install local tools. These approvals block teams for weeks, hurting velocity. Since Coder workspaces are isolated from local desktops, new tools are approved by default. Developers just need a browser or SSH to start coding.

Reduce exfiltration risk

While it may be convenient to have your development environment on your local machine for the occasional "code on an airplane" situation, sensitive data and entire source code repositories reside in an easily exfiltrated place. Coder moves intellectual property into workspaces on an organization's on-prem or public cloud infrastructure, significantly reducing financial and reputational risk.

Secure by Design

All traffic is encrypted by TLS and Tailscale. Export all command execution to your SIEM to detect malicious developer behavior. Separate users into groups and organizations, controlling which type of workspace each user can create.

Host your own VS Code extension marketplace. Restrict web port forwarding. Block browser VS Code's default download feature.
VDI Workspaces

Next Steps

Say goodbye to hardware limitations and hello to accelerated code execution and increased productivity. Empower your organization to innovate at lightning speed and stay ahead of the competition.