Contractor Coding Environment

Contract developers are critical to organizations meeting their development needs but expose risk of intellectual property exfiltration. Coder accelerates contractor onboarding with on-demand remote development environments that securely host source code and data.

Security in Place, Especially With Contractors

While securing intellectual property like customer data and source code is important for all developers in your organization, it's absolutely critical for contractors who operate outside your corporate network and controls.

Coder allows you to restrict where contractor workspaces can be deployed by cloud, region, Kubernetes cluster and namespace, ensuring isolation. Data and source code are moved off laptops into organizations' secure cloud infrastructure, reducing the risk of exfiltration while providing a dramatically better developer experience and improving developer productivity.

Challenges with Docker in VDI

Organizations are moving to containerization as a developer productivity strategy but running a Docker daemon in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) requires proper configuration and security controls. With Coder, you can add Docker to workspaces as containers using Sysbox, or run the Docker daemon in a VM workspace. Spin up databases and microservices with Docker Compose to reproduce a production-like deployment all within a Coder workspace.
VDI Docker

Spend time developing, not setting up environments

Contractors are critical supplemental resources to help organizations meet their software development and delivery milestones. While its possible to ship pre-configured laptops, hardware can become outdated quickly, and there are always risks of shipping delays and loss or tampering. Instead, why not instantly spin up development environments as Coder-managed workspaces based on administrator-controlled templates and with the power and flexibility of underlying Terraform infrastructure-as-code. Contractors can contribute code on day one and not waste precious resources on manual, repetitive tasks like development environment setup.
VDI Workspaces

Next Steps

Say goodbye to hardware limitations and hello to accelerated code execution and increased productivity. Empower your organization to innovate at lightning speed and stay ahead of the competition.