Coder Publishes New White Paper for CISOs

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Erik Bledsoe
 on August 4th, 2020

One of the first lessons learned by any security professional is that policies are not enough. Rules are made, as the saying goes, to be broken, not always intentionally, but they will be broken.

It is far better and safer to implement systems and procedures that automatically enforce the policies. Don't put up a sign that reads "This door must remain locked at all times" — instead, install a door that automatically locks when closed and sounds an alarm if left ajar for too long.

The same concept is true when it comes to securing the development pipeline: automate whenever possible and alert for failures.

Coder is pleased to announce the publication of “CISO NOTES: Enterprise Security and Developer Productivity are No Longer Mutually Exclusive.” This white paper is intended for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) or others seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the need for and challenges to securing the dev environment. It will articulate how Coder Enterprise can integrate security policy through the software development process, while at the same time maximizing developer velocity.

The paper is the first of a planned series designed to help CISOs navigate the rapidly changing software production pipeline.

The white paper covers:

  • Recent source code leaks from major corporations and government agencies
  • Best practices for “baking in” security into the code development process
  • The security advantages of moving dev environments into the cloud
  • The gains to developer velocity made possible by automating the creation of dev environments

The white paper is available for free and immediate download.

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