New Coder Capabilities as Enterprise Demand Grows

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Press Release
 on September 10th, 2020
Updated on June 15th, 2021

Today Coder announced the availability of its latest version of Coder, the platform for software development. Coder automates the time-consuming, manual processes involved in creating and configuring development environments and enables engineers to work from anywhere and focus on writing code. The result is rapid and secure innovation in any software organization, no matter how complex or regulated.

This release includes both new powerful features and enhancements to existing functionality that increase productivity, security and collaboration for all software development teams. As part of today’s announcement, Coder is also offering a free trial of Coder, providing organizations and developers with all of the features and benefits of the platform at zero cost for the sixty days.

“From the very beginning, Coder’s mission has been to make developers happy,” stated John Andrew Entwistle, CEO and co-founder of Coder. “We stand by that commitment by continuously driving innovation within the platform, and ensuring developers can continue to do the same for their organizations. I’m extremely proud of the work our team has done with this new release and even more excited to make it more accessible.”


Coder centralizes an organization's development initiatives by moving software development to the cloud and unlocking substantial gains in both developer velocity and enterprise security. Developers can launch fully-configured development environments from approved images in seconds, eliminating hours of setup time and ensuring consistency across the team. Users can access these environments securely through a browser from any remote location. All code and data sets remain secured in the infrastructure and developers still get to use the IDEs, tools and languages they know and love. Coder runs on any public or private cloud platform, and it can also be deployed on-premises within the VPC, including air-gapped networks.

As enterprise adoption increases, Coder continues to drive innovation to meet the needs of developers and organizations worldwide. New feature highlights include:

  • Creating and Using Secrets via the Coder CLI With Coder, developers can now leverage Kubernetes’ secrets store allowing organizations to create objects to store sensitive strings or user-specific values, such as passwords and client IDs/secrets securely. Developers can create and manage secrets using the Coder CLI, which is automatically injected into the environment on creation/rebuild for convenience. Admins can also set secrets on behalf of developers.

  • Multi-Editor Support Unlike other similar products, Coder supports most industry standard development environments, including VS Code, Jupyter Notebook, IntelliJ, Eclipse, PyCharm, and more. Multi-editor support is bundled with a window management system to give the look and feel of a native local application. This provides the best of both worlds -- the security and productivity of remote infrastructure with the native look and feel of the local machine.

  • Services Organizations can add services via Coder, which are sidecar containers that run alongside the primary development environment. Services are especially useful for databases, API servers, or other stand-alone applications where the setup process may be more complex and time-consuming for individual users to complete on an ad hoc basis. Once a service is defined for Coder Enterprise deployment, it is available to all of the users in an organization (each user will receive their own instance of the service).

  • Automatic Creation of .gitconfig Files Automatically create a .gitconfig file that has been pre-filled with the user’s name and email address.

  • Metrics Coder now includes metrics, which allows developers to track the time spent working in a specific environment and time spent using certain Coder features (e.g., Coder vs. Terminal vs. SSH vs. Sync). Admin users can view this data on a per-organization or per-user basis, offering insight into which environments and which features are most helpful to end-users.

  • Dev URLs Developer (Dev) URLs allow users to access the ports of services they are developing within their environment. The URLs can be public, private, available to a subset of users, or to anyone logged in to an instance of Coder. This enables developers to test the application as it is being developed in real-time.

  • Improvements to the Coder User Interface Coder implemented several new interfaces for the following Coder functions, providing for a more fluid, seamless user experience that makes the process of performing the following tasks faster and easier:

    • Creating and editing a service
    • Importing an image
    • Creating and editing an environment
    • Creating and managing your organization settings

The latest version of the Coder is available now. For more information and to learn more about the free, please visit

About Coder

Founded in 2017 by Ammar Bandukwala, Kyle Carberry, and John Andrew Entwistle, Coder provides open-source tools and an enterprise platform that make it easier than ever to configure, secure, and manage software development environments. Our solutions enable engineers to work from anywhere and focus on writing code, and allow enterprises to drive rapid and secure innovation in any organization, no matter how complex or regulated. With over 17 million Docker pulls and 40,000 GitHub stars, Coder's products are trusted by developers and used by many of the world's largest enterprises and government agencies. For more information, please visit read our blog or follow @coderhq on Twitter and Instagram.

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