Coder v1.15: Admin Panel Refresh and Coder PWA Updates

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Ben Potter
 on January 25th, 2021

We’re pleased to announce the release of Coder v1.15! This includes updates to Coder’s PWA manifest, a redesign of the admin panel, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Installing a Coder PWA on Google Chrome

Coder’s Progressive Web App

Coder is moving forward with a PWA-per-application approach, allowing specific Coder IDEs to be launched from the desktop. Because of this, the root dashboard PWA manifest has been removed. Please follow the instructions in our changelog to update your PWAs.

Coder Dashboard Changes

  • We’ve added a Cluster Info page to the Admin Panel. In the future, this page will contain the administration and configuration of your Kubernetes clusters.
  • We’ve redesigned the Admin Panel with Coder’s new styling
  • We’ve renamed the General page to Infrastructure and updated the page’s design
  • We redesigned the Coder Dashboard to use NextJS and SSR. Page loads should be quicker ⚡


Services are being deprecated in favor of CVMs. Services will, however, continue to function until our 2.0 release. Check out our docs for more information about CVMs, and stay tuned for more information around migrating and configuring your cluster.

See our v1.15.0 changelog for a full list of improvements and bug fixes.

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