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Coder v1.26

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Tyler Crandall
 on December 15th, 2021

Azure Container Registry Authentication using AAD Pod Identity (Alpha)

We are pleased to announce support for authenticating with private Azure Container Registries (ACR).

Adding an ARC registry in Coder. Additional authentication options can be managed in the Admin panel

Organizations using ACR who do not wish to provision static credentials for Coder can now leverage (Azure Active Directory (AAD) Pod Identity) for authentication.

Service Banner Markdown

The terms of service and banners now support Markdown formatting.

The banners support basic HTML and markdown for advanced formatting

View workspaces by image tag

Image tags can be used to version-control the tools and infrastructure inside a workspace. Teams managing images with many tags can now filter or sort the workspaces list by tag. This can be useful for checking if workspaces are up to date.

With this release, the workspaces list will include the tag in its own column. Users can now sort/filter by tags as well.

Updates to JetBrains Projector and JetBrains Gateway

JetBrains projector makes it possible to access IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, GoLand, and other JetBrains IDEs through the web browser. Coder v1.26 includes JetBrains Projector 1.5.0 which includes improved Markdown rendering, font support, and popup mechanics. We have also fixed a window sizing bug.

For developers using local JetBrains IDEs, Coder v1.26 also supports JetBrains Gateway and the remote development features included in the 2021.3 version of IDEs.

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