Coder v1.28 has been released

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Tyler Crandall
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Katie Horne
 on February 17th, 2022
Updated on February 19th, 2022

Coder 1.28 is now available for installation or upgrade. Features include TUN device support, improved autostart settings, and onboarding improvements.

TUN device support with CVM workspaces (+Tailscale)

We've introduced support for TUN devices inside CVMs. Once you've enabled this feature, Coder workspaces can run VPNs or developer tools (such as Tailscale and Telepresence) that leverage virtual network devices.

Workspace autostart times are now exposed

Coder admins have requested the ability to view the workspace auto-start times set by users. We’ve added a new field called autostart_at to the users API endpoint to provide you with this information.

New users are now prompted to link their Git accounts on first sign-in

Because a linked Git account provides the best experience in Coder and is a part of the flow, we now prompt users to link their Git accounts when they sign in for the first time. This improves the onboarding experience for new Coder users.

Single access URL for distributed deployment

We’ve introduced the ability to use a single access URL for both your primary deployment and your satellite deployments. This means that all of your users access Coder with a single URL, rather than using separate URLs assigned to satellites. Coder will route users to the appropriate satellite based on their geographic location. This eliminates any confusion regarding which access URL should be used by whom.

Authenticated users can now retrieve OIDC access token via CLI

Users have requested the ability to obtain their OIDC access token from the CLI if they have already authenticated with Coder. You can now do this using coder tokens get-oidc-access-token. This is a quality of life improvement to avoid having to re-authenticate multiple times.


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