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Create cloud dev environments in 5 minutes with Coder

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Thomas Hughes
 on March 10th, 2021
Updated on June 15th, 2021

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks developers face is getting their development environment configured so they can start contributing to a new project. It can take hours, and if you accidentally end up with a different version of Python or Node installed than the one on your production environment you could cause problems throughout the pipeline.

In this video, we walk through the workflow of a developer getting set up with a new project using Coder. In less than 5 minutes, I create a development environment with all of the required project dependencies, a custom amount of compute power, and the tools needed to develop without disruption. I also show how Coder lets you easily share out your work to collaborators. Check it out!

If you like what we’re building here at Coder, we’d love to show you how your development teams can bring the power of cloud development into your organization. Contact us for a demo or skip the demo and go straight to a 60-day trial—installable anywhere you run Kubernetes.

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