September 18th, 2020

Moving from Visual Studio Codespaces to code-server

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Ben Potter
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Recently, Microsoft announced that all VS Codespaces are migrating to GitHub. At this time, support for self-hosted Codespaces will be removed in favor of GitHub's cloud environments.

If you are looking to host a VS Code server on your own infrastructure, code-server is the solution.

  • Use VS Code in the browser (terminal, integrations, extensions) 🧩
  • Authenticate via password (or another auth + reverse proxy) 🔑
  • Encrypt with HTTPS 🔒
  • Host on any machine (Mac, Linux, WSL) 🖥
code-server screen grab


To get started, run our simple install script: (feel free to see what it does first)

curl -fsSL | sh

Read the guide doc for additional configuration info.

code-server --link

We've added a feature in code-server that sets up a TLS domain, tunneling, and authentication for you. All you need to do is run: sh $ code-server --link [] info Proxying code-server to Coder Cloud, you can access your IDE at

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