Pick a Cloud, Any Cloud. Coder Enterprise is There.

By Timothy Stephan

Last week, we announced the big news that Coder Enterprise was available in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

Well, the excitement from that announcement had barely begun to die down, and now we’ve got some more big news. So, as of today, we can definitively report that Coder Enterprise is also now available in the AWS Marketplace. Things are definitely moving fast around here at Coder.

And of course, you already knew that our platform for software development, where engineers collaborate, innovate, and build from anywhere on any device using the tools of their choice - and where enterprises drive rapid and secure innovation, was already available in the Azure Marketplace.

Now wherever you compute, and wherever you innovate, you can realize all the benefits of Coder Enterprise. You can see firsthand how reimagining a software development environment as something that can be hosted in a single location and accessed from anywhere on any device can provide huge benefits to both developer velocity and enterprise security.

Coder Enterprise is built on the foundation of code-server, our OSS offering with over 16M docker pulls and 35K GitHub stars. Coder Enterprise is free for teams of up to ten users.

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