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Pratham Prasoon - Coder Community Spotlight

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Ben Potter
 on December 17th, 2020

Meet Pratham, a 16-year-old student and developer. He shares development tips and resources to his 25K Twitter followers on topics such as machine learning, backend development, new libraries, and learning to code!

Tell us a little bit about yourself Hey there! I am Pratham Prasoon, a high school student. My work mainly involves coding in Python and TensorFlow for machine learning and JavaScript for web development.

What brought you to code-server? Running VS Code on my 5-year-old Dell XPS 13 laptop with Manjaro KDE on it is very tough, especially with many browser tabs open in Chrome. It slows down my system to a point where it is unusable. I started using code-server hosted locally on my system instead of VS Code about 2 months ago and it runs much faster than VS Code!

That’s interesting. Many people use code-server on a remote server, but more and more people are hosting code-server locally to improve their performance. What benefits are you seeing from this? It takes up less ram and CPU usage. Moreover, everything feels super snappy. This is a huge lifesaver when running npm scripts or Dockerfiles because they take up a lot of CPU usage; it is nice to not have the overhead of VS code while running these scripts.

How else do you see code-server being used? Another place where I use code-server is with Google Colab for my machine learning projects. Using a pip package called ColabCode, I can run code-server on Colab using Google's servers with super-fast GPUs for free!

This is useful when I feel like writing code in a text editor like VS Code rather than a Jupyter Notebook like Colab while still using their super-fast hardware.

What else do you think people should know about code-server? code-server has no telemetry, almost every extension I need, and has the same features as VS Code, such as support for Jupyter Notebooks!

Check him out on Twitter:

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