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Release Recap: Updated Release Schedule and 2.11.0

Check out what's new in this month's Coder release
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Matt Vollmer
 on May 7th, 2024
Updated on May 16th, 2024
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We've officially established a monthly release schedule, and our latest release, Coder 2.11.0, includes several feature enhancements and bug fixes. For a complete summary of this release's updates, check out the 2.11.0 changelog on GitHub.

We formalized our monthly release schedule

In case you missed it, we recently rolled out a monthly release schedule that allows you to upgrade directly to the newest mainline release or stick with the last stable release.

New versions of Coder are released on the first Tuesday of every month and include new features and enhancements. Patch releases, including bug fixes, will continue to be rolled out as needed throughout the month.

Coder Product Manager, Stephen Kirby, shared more information in his blog post about our new release process. You can also check out our documentation to learn more.

Other notable updates in 2.11.0

Sharable Ports

We’re happy to bring the experimental Sharable Ports feature into general access. If you used Coder v1, this will be a familiar feature. Users can share services running on their Workspaces with other Coder users and the public through listening ports. The updated “ports” UI in your Workspaces dashboard can be used to configure this:

The “sharing level” of a port denotes its level of exposure, reflecting the same property of Coder Apps in our Terraform provider. Users can set the sharing level of ports to the following options:

  • Owner (Default): Only exposes port to the Workspace owner
  • Authenticated: Exposes a port to all authenticated coder users on your deployment
  • Public: Allows anyone with the designated URL to access the port

Owners with Enterprise licenses can enforce a maximum sharing level for Workspace ports in the template settings to prevent data exfiltration.

Control listening port protocols

Now, any port exposed from a Coder Workspace has a configurable protocol (HTTP/HTTPS), regardless of whether or not it's shared. Previously, some HTTPS services were not accessible to browser and now they are!

Require Terms of Service Acceptance

Enforce Coder's default Terms of Service or your own custom Terms of Service, ensuring users agree to the terms before authenticating to your Coder deployment. By default, users are not required to accept Terms of Service.

Bug fixes

Signed Windows binaries

Some issues have arisen, such as the Windows binary being flagged or VSCode being unable to download the CLI when accessing via our remote extension. Signing the binary resolves these issues.

We release bug fixes and patches as needed throughout the month. Check out Coder releases on GitHub for full details on the latest patches.

Find a bug? Tag it here to let us know.

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