What's New in October 2022

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Ben Potter
 on November 8th, 2022
Updated on June 1st, 2023

Git Authentication

Link git providers with Coder to authenticate users when they run git operations in their workspace. All major git providers are supported, including self-hosted ones.

Template Permissions & Groups

This enterprise feature allows you to manage which users (and groups of users) can access templates in Coder.

App sharing

Expose apps within workspaces to other users, or even the public! We've added a share property that you can use within templates.

Dashboard redesign

Many of the pages in the Coder dashboard have been revamped, including the workspace and resource view. There is also a new "Deployment" page which exposes Coder's configuration values to admins.

API Tokens

You can create long-lived API tokens to perform actions on behalf of a user. For example, updating templates with CI/CD pipelines.

High availability

Run Coder with horizontal scalability and automatic failover within a single region. This is an enterprise feature.

Next steps

Install, upgrade, or check out Coder on GitHub.

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