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Coder is on a mission to build the best products available for developers. If this sounds like a mission you can relate to, apply to a position below.

Our values


We are compassionate. We value each other for our similarities as well as our differences. We share our lived experiences, and we work to understand the lives of our peers. We do so out of the belief that mutual understanding brings mutual respect, and that mutual respect makes us all stronger.



Time and effort are limited resources, and we believe that resources should not be wasted. We relentlessly pursue efficiency out of a desire to be all that we can, to accomplish all that we desire in the time we have.



We offer and seek out feedback frequently and graciously. Feedback is constructive and supportive, showing us not only how we can improve, but also how our efforts are appreciated by others.


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How Coder was founded

A partnership is born over gaming

Coder was founded in 2017 by Ammar Bandukwala, Kyle Carberry, and John Andrew Entwistle with the simple goal of helping developers to write more code. The three founders first met online and started building game servers at the age of 13. Over the next several years they evolved their collaboration to begin building DDoS mitigation platforms, peer-to-peer file-sharing companies, and websites that attracted over a million monthly visitors. Immediately after high school, they began working on creating the developer tools that they always wished they had.

Frustration leads to a solution that could transform software development

Frustrated by the complexity of trying to collaborate remotely on software development while living in different cities, they set out to leverage the cloud to create a secure and scalable, development environment that would be accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. In creating that solution to solve their own problems, the three founders created Coder - a platform that automates, powers, and secures the development environment, letting developers focus on what’s important: writing code.

Proven by open-source, trusted by engineers

The result is that with over 10M downloads so far, Coder’s open-source projects have been some of the most popular developer solutions throughout 2019 and into 2020. Likewise, Coder’s solution for enterprise development, Coder Enterprise, has quickly attracted some of the largest organizations and investors, and has become the standard development platform in some of the most complex and regulated software development environments in the world.

An experienced team of advisors

Coder is guided by a team of leading industry experts. The members of its board and affiliated advisors combine decades of experience shepherding startups through the steps from great idea to successful and profitable company. Several are also financial investors, but they all share the desire to see Coder fulfill its mission, and a conviction to ensure that it will.

Our Investors

  • Redpoint
  • Bessemer Venture Partners
  • GGV Capital
  • Founders Fund
  • Capital Factory
  • In-Q-Tel
  • Uncork Capital

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