Generate a Support Bundle

Generate a Support Bundle

When you engage with Coder support to diagnose an issue with your deployment, you may be asked to generate and upload a "Support Bundle" for offline analysis. This document explains the contents of a support bundle and the steps to submit a support bundle to Coder staff.

What is a Support Bundle?

A support bundle is an archive containing a snapshot of information about your Coder deployment.

It contains information about the workspace, the template it uses, running agents in the workspace, and other detailed information useful for troubleshooting.

It is primarily intended for troubleshooting connectivity issues to workspaces, but can be useful for diagnosing other issues as well.

While we attempt to redact sensitive information from support bundles, they may contain information deemed sensitive by your organization and should be treated as such.

A brief overview of all files contained in the bundle is provided below:

Note: detailed descriptions of all the information available in the bundle is out of scope, as support bundles are primarily intended for internal use.

agent/agent.jsonThe agent used to connect to the workspace with environment variables stripped.
agent/agent_magicsock.htmlThe contents of the HTTP debug endpoint of the agent's Tailscale connection.
agent/client_magicsock.htmlThe contents of the HTTP debug endpoint of the client's Tailscale connection.
agent/listening_ports.jsonThe listening ports detected by the selected agent running in the workspace.
agent/logs.txtThe logs of the selected agent running in the workspace.
agent/manifest.jsonThe manifest of the selected agent with environment variables stripped.
agent/startup_logs.txtStartup logs of the workspace agent.
agent/prometheus.txtThe contents of the agent's Prometheus endpoint.
cli_logs.txtLogs from running the coder support bundle command.
deployment/buildinfo.jsonCoder version and build information.
deployment/config.jsonDeployment configuration, with secret values removed.
deployment/experiments.jsonAny experiments currently enabled for the deployment.
deployment/health.jsonA snapshot of the health status of the deployment.
logs.txtLogs from the codersdk.Client used to generate the bundle.
network/connection_info.jsonInformation used by workspace agents used to connect to Coder (DERP map etc.)
network/coordinator_debug.htmlPeers currently connected to each Coder instance and the tunnels established between peers.
network/netcheck.jsonResults of running coder netcheck locally.
network/tailnet_debug.htmlTailnet coordinators, their heartbeat ages, connected peers, and tunnels.
workspace/build_logs.txtBuild logs of the selected workspace.
workspace/workspace.jsonDetails of the selected workspace.
workspace/parameters.jsonBuild parameters of the selected workspace.
workspace/template.jsonThe template currently in use by the selected workspace.
workspace/template_file.zipThe source code of the template currently in use by the selected workspace.
workspace/template_version.jsonThe template version currently in use by the selected workspace.

How do I generate a Support Bundle?

  1. Ensure your deployment is up and running. Generating a support bundle requires the Coder deployment to be available.

  2. Ensure you have the Coder CLI installed on a local machine. See installation for steps on how to do this.

    Note: It is recommended to generate a support bundle from a location experiencing workspace connectivity issues.

  3. Ensure you are logged in to your Coder deployment as a user with the Owner privilege.

  4. Run coder support bundle [owner/workspace], and respond yes to the prompt. The support bundle will be generated in the current directory with the filename coder-support-$TIMESTAMP.zip.

    While support bundles can be generated without a running workspace, it is recommended to specify one to maximize troubleshooting information.

  5. (Recommended) Extract the support bundle and review its contents, redacting any information you deem necessary.

  6. Coder staff will provide you a link where you can upload the bundle along with any other necessary supporting files.

    Note: It is helpful to leave an informative message regarding the nature of supporting files.

Coder support will then review the information you provided and respond to you with next steps.

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