Breaking changes ❗

  • infra: the following features have been deprecated and require migration:
    • The Coder Helm chart no longer includes envproxy.
    • The workspace provider Helm chart has been removed; ensure that existing workspace providers have been migrated to a satellite deployment.

Features ✨

  • P2P connections: added ability to connect to workspaces using WebRTC STUN, which establishes a direct connection to workspaces.
  • Cached CVMs: cached container-based virtual machines (CVMs) will improve the startup experience of CVM workspaces; previously, CVM workspaces suffered from slow startup times due to the envbox Docker daemon's inability to utilize the cache on the node. With the cache on the node accessible, Coder's also eliminated the need to run dockerd in envbox. To enable cached CVMs, go to Manage > Admin > Infrastructure. Scroll down to Workspace Container Runtime, and toggle Enable Caching to On.
  • infra: added ability to enable dynamic loading of shiftfs.
  • web: added progress details to the "injecting workspace assets" step in the workspace build log.
  • web: added Android Studio support.
  • web: added ability to see the active number of license seats in use. See Manage > Admin > License.
  • infra: updated envbox to always use Docker 20.10.3 or later.
  • infra: set Networking v2 as the default; the provider config option has been removed.
  • web: added ability to use hyphens and underscores in dev URLs.
  • web: added improved logging and error messages to the workspace creation process for image import failures.
  • cli: added coder ws ping <workspace_name> command that returns information regarding workspace latency.
  • cli: updated coder sh to use a WebRTC tunnel.
  • web: added ability to modify suggested CPU and memory settings to the Create Workspace UI when creating a workspace based on a packaged image.
  • infra: added client-side username validation to clarify acceptable input
  • infra: during installation, the Helm package manager checks to ensure that Coder is compatible with the Kubernetes cluster version used; if not, the installation process fails, and Helm returns an error message indicating the minimum cluster version required.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: fixed grammar errors and improved messaging in UI.
  • web: fixed issue with the sign-in page so that it always displays OIDC login option when configured.
  • web: fixed issue with linking to GitHub when the Coder SSH key has been added already to GitHub.
  • web: fixed issue where required rebuild messages do not disappear until the page is refreshed.
  • web: fixed rendering issues related to the workspace status bar.
  • web: removed non-functioning toggle to disable system notifications.
  • web: fixed issue with Coder moving back into setup mode if the authentication configuration process fails.
  • web: fixed Images page sort; Coder now sorts the entire list instead of the current page based on the number of workspaces that use the image.
  • cli: the Coder CLI now returns an error message if a user attempts to connect to an offline workspace via SSH.
  • infra: fixed issue with coderd attempting to use the public access URL to connect to TURN; coderd now uses localhost instead to avoid hitting the load balancer.
  • web: moved workspace build "last built at" time to the top of the build log.
  • infra: fixed connection leak in Networking v2 when proxying browser traffic.

Security updates 🔐

  • infra: updated Content-Security-Policy to be stricter.
  • infra: updated CORS header to prevent cookies from being sent to Coder subdomains.
  • infra: implemented dev URL-specific tokens that cannot be used for authentication.
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