The final patch release of Kubernetes 1.19 was published on 28 October 2021. As such, the subsequent versions of Coder (v1.26 and later) will require the use of Kubernetes 1.20 or later. See Coder's version support policy for more information.

Breaking changes ❗

See Update considerations for additional information.

  • web: updated dev URLs to use a double hyphen as the delimiter. Please update bookmarks accordingly.

Features ✨

  • EC2: alpha. added support for workspace providers deployed on EC2 instances.
  • Coder for Docker: added ability for Linux and macOS users with Docker Desktop to quickly deploy Coder.
  • web: alpha. added support for IRSA authentication with AWS ECR. This can be enabled under Manage > Admin > Infrastructure > ECR IAM Role Authentication.
  • web: removed the workspace create interstitial page for selecting custom or templated workspaces and replaced with a drop-down button.
  • web: updated the Create a Workspace screen so that the Advanced section is collapsed by default.
  • web: added support for hyphens in usernames.
  • web: improved length validation on dev URL names to conform with hostname length limit.
  • web: improved performance of the Coder UI.
  • cli: added ability to set auto-off times on a per-workspace basis.
  • infra: added the CODER_ORGANIZATION_ID environment variable.
  • infra: added ability to pass custom headers to workspace applications.
  • infra: added ability to check for non-200 status codes related to workspace applications.
  • infra: added permissions for service account creation to the RBAC Helm charts.
  • infra: added functionality to create Kubernetes service accounts for workspaces when service account annotations are set for the workspace provider.
  • infra: added functionality to edit theaffinity of workspaces for workspace providers.
  • infra: alpha. added option to enable self-contained workspace builds, eliminating dependency on kube exec.
  • infra: updated to Next.js 12.
  • infra: updated JetBrains Projector to Agent v1.7 and Client v1.4.
  • infra: added logging for workspace applications.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: fixed audit log rendering issues.
  • web: fixed feedback form loading and rendering errors.
  • cli: fixed issue with user login overwriting configuration used by the Coder Agent.
  • cli: fixed issue with the web terminal not loading information correctly when running --help.
  • cli: added tunnel to the Coder CLI help listing.
  • infra: fixed issue with CVMs due to shiftfs failing to compile on kernel v5.11+.
  • infra: reverted Sysbox version due to memory corruption issues with Nix.
  • infra: fixed memory leak.
  • infra: fixed issue with coder sync not functioning properly.
  • infra: fixed issue with TLS certificates not properly updating at runtime.

Security updates 🔐

  • api: restricted ability to list all users and workspaces through the API to site managers and site admins.
  • api: removed ability to return OIDC IdP client secret using admin authentication API.
  • infra: implemented update-crypto-policies in images to ensure there's no use of insecure cryptography in images.

Known issues 🔧

  • web: the service banner (if enabled) reappears for all users, even if they've previously dismissed it.
  • web: using the web terminal in Coder can occasionally result in the connection being reset and needing to be restarted.
  • web: the Switch workspace drop-down menu shows a workspace's status as Building even though the build process is completed.
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