Breaking changes ❗

There are no breaking changes in 1.29.0.

Features ✨

  • web: added admin login form that appears when OIDC login is enabled and built-in authentication is disabled.
  • web: upgraded JetBrains Projector to version 1.6.0.
  • C4D: added support for SSH to Docker workspace providers.
  • C4D: added support for access URLs other than localhost.
  • cli: added ability to create workspace providers via CLI.
  • infra: added support for AWS’ IAM Roles for Service Accounts (IRSA) to CVM-enabled workspaces.
  • infra: added support for FUSE devices in CVM-enabled workspaces.
  • infra: updated code-server version to 4.1.0 (features VS Code 1.63.0).
  • infra: updated Kubernetes libraries to 1.21.
  • api: added ability for users to set preferred ICE protocol (e.g., TURN or STUN).

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: fixed issue with RStudio login redirects.
  • web: fixed issue where usernames in dev URLs were case-sensitive.
  • web: fixed issue where resource quota changes were audit logged incorrectly.
  • web: fixed issue where deleting a workspace caused a “Failed to fetch applications!” error.
  • web: fixed issue where the Dashboard showed a “workspace available” notification even though the build failed.
  • web: fixed issue with the Create/Edit a Workspace form not displaying errors if users provided non-unique workspace names.
  • web: fixed issue with code copy buttons in the UI.
  • web: fixed issue where users aren’t logged out correctly after changing the password.
  • C4D: fixed issue with Docker workspace provider form throwing “Failed to create/update workspace provider!” errors.
  • C4D: fixed “Resource Load Unknown” errors that occurred during the workspace build process.
  • infra: fixed issue where the API call issued by Coder while loading the workspaces page returns the image and information on all workspaces using that image, leading to degraded performance.
  • infra: fixed issue with workspace build jobs scheduled multiple times.
  • infra: fixed memory leak when a client connects to a workspace.
  • infra: fixed issue where dev URL access settings weren’t enforced after changes made by site managers.
  • infra: fixed issue regarding mTLS not working with Git providers and Docker registries.
  • infra: fixed issue with coderd intermittently crashing.
  • infra: fixed issue with satellites unable to build workspaces when the self-contained workspace feature was enabled.

Security updates 🔐

  • infra: upgraded from Go boring 1.17.5b7 to 1.17.8b7 to fix CVEs.

Known issues 🔧

  • web: the service banner (if enabled) reappears for all users, even if they've previously dismissed it.
  • web: using the web terminal in Coder can occasionally result in the connection being reset and needing to be restarted.
  • web: the Switch workspace drop-down menu shows a workspace's status as Building even though the build process is completed.
  • web: users installing v1.24 (or later) into an air-gapped environment cannot upload their license when prompted.
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