Breaking changes ❗

There are no breaking changes in 1.29.1.

Features ✨

  • infra: added CODER_MAX_WORKSPACES_PER_USER environment variable to coderd that controls the maximum number of workspaces allowed to each user.
  • infra: improved Bitbucket server account linking errors to help debug integration issues.
  • infra: updated the Helm chart to allow the setting of arbitrary environment variables for coderd via the coderd.extraEnvs value.
  • infra: mounted additional NVIDIA GPU libraries (specifically the GL/GLX libraries) from the host into CVMs if users request GPUs.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • infra: remove embedded Coder v2 to fix migration problems on new deployments.
  • infra: fixed scan error on metrics table caused by float being scanned as int.
  • infra: fixed issue where air-gapped deployments were unable to update admin configuration settings.
  • c4d: corrected IP tables patching for access URLs that aren't localhost.

Security updates 🔐

There are no security updates in 1.29.1.

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