Breaking changes ❗

  • cli: Previous Coder CLI versions are incompatible, v1.14.x is required
  • web: Personal metrics have been removed
  • infra: Environment assets previously located in /tmp/coder have been moved to /opt/coder
    • Notice: Environments require a rebuild for this change to occur

Features ✨

  • infra: Container-based Virtual Machines (CVMs) alpha
  • web: New account dormancy page in the admin panel
  • infra: Coder environment variables see guide
  • web: Admin panel pages have been redesigned
  • web: SSH information has been added to the environments page
  • web: Default Images have been promoted out of beta and are now active
  • web: Metrics have undergone a revision. The chart has been simplified to daily active users.
  • web: Environment rebuild icons have been redesigned
  • infra: Add username label to env pod/deployment
  • web/projector: Progressive web app (PWA) icons have been redesigned
    • Notice: The Coder PWA may need to be reinstalled. An invalid cache state may occur that is fixed with a hard refresh.
  • infra: Git configuration build step now occurs before configure and personalize

Bug fixes 🐛

  • projector: Improved performance using native fonts
  • projector: Fixed modals incorrectly resizing to full screen
  • web: Dev URL creation is no longer enabled during environment builds
  • web: Fixed image tag not populating correctly when creating an environment from an embeddable button

Security updates 🔐

  • Enhanced security surrounding the use of API keys within environments
  • Fixes upstream SSH server DoS vulnerability
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