Deprecation Notice: This version is no longer accessible. Please use version 1.15.1. A bug in 1.15.0 caused migrations from existing instances with active environments to fail. Our release verification process did not adequately account for instances with active environments. We have since updated our release process to cover this case.

Breaking changes ❗

  • web: The root dashboard PWA manifest has been removed; uninstall the Coder PWA. In lieu of this, Coder is moving forward with a PWA-per-application approach. To install the Code Server PWA:
    1. Log into Coder and select your environment.
    2. Under Applications click code to launch code-server.
    3. Follow your browser's instructions for installing the PWA.
  • web: Deprecated Services in favor of CVMs

Features ✨

  • web: Added 30-day notices to dormant accounts listed in the Manage > Users table; this warning indicates these accounts will be removed if not reactivated
  • web: Added Cluster Info page to the Admin Panel. In the future, this page will contain the administration and configuration of multiple clusters.
  • web: Redesigned Admin Panel
    • Renamed the General page to Infrastructure and updated page with a new design
    • Redesigned the Authentication, Appearance, Telemetry and Dormancy pages
  • web: Changed how Progressive Web Apps function; the code-server application can now be installed as a PWA.
  • web: Added tooltip with extended information that shows when hovering over the image info in the summary card on the Environments page
  • web: Redesigned the Coder Dashboard to use NextJS and SSR. Page loads should be quicker ⚡.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • infra: Fixed the removing of query strings from Dev URL authentication redirect
  • infra: Changed the dotfiles install.sh script so that it is invoked as a child process instead of exec'd. This ensures the remainder of ~/personalize executes after install.sh.
  • jetbrains: Fixed the appearance of window title and close buttons
  • jetbrains: Changed the behavior of links; opening URLs and/or clicking links opens a new tab
  • jetbrains: Fixed access to the context menu from then Terminal toolbar
  • web: Removed display containing environment resources information if the environment isn't running
  • web: Updated the Import an Image dialog window to hide image tags that have already been imported
  • web: Updated the Create/Edit an Environment dialog; images and tags are now sorted alphabetically and then chronologically by creation date

Security updates 🔐

There are no security updates in 1.15.0.

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